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Hudson - MEET YOUR DRIVER - Chip Henderson II

Updated: Jun 7

Meet Chip! He started with Safeway in March of 1993! So he has been with us for nearly 29 years!

One of the coolest things that Chip does is ride his bike to and from work every single day! No matter the weather! Rain, sleet, hail, snow storm, you name it! You will always see Chip riding his bicycle with zero complaints. Chip says that last year he did 20 miles per day and NEVER had one day off from his bike!

Both parents and students alike adore Chip and his routes. He recently got a thank you note from a woman who sees him driving often while walking her dog. She says that Chip is always careful when driving past them, waves, and sometimes even stops to give her dog a treat!

For fun, Chip likes to be involved with his church and takes the church bus out west with his family every year for a ski trip!

Chip has never had an accident and plays a key role in making Safeway Hudson what it is today!

Thank you for always going the extra mile and for sticking with us for so long, Chip!

Safeway Bus, Hudson

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