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Hudson - Meet Your Driver - Glen W - Hudson

Updated: 2 days ago

Meet Glen! He drives route #263, and is in his 19th year with Safeway Bus Co after 32 years with 3M. Glen has been on his route for 10 years now and feels close to many families that he has met along the way. He is a member of the Hudson United Methodist Church and has held many positions there throughout his life. He is currently the District President of the United Methodist Men and is the Charter Representative for Boy Scout Troop 9213 of the Northern Star Council. He is also a regular Red Cross blood donor.

Glen enjoys working around the house and in his woods as well as driving his '64 Ford Falcon Convertible whenever he can!

Glen has been married to his wife Susan for 53 years, has 3 adopted children, 6 grand-kids, and 2 great grand-children, and they all live within an hour of Hudson. Glen doesn't have any pets, but has an active bird population in his backyard along with squirrels, deer, coyote, and occasional bear. Glen says, "We have several Ravens who constantly watch over us and are always looking for a handout".

Glen encourages kids take safety precautions during the pandemic and to sit and talk quietly and not to move around too much so that they don't have to assign seats!

We believe that Glen is the only driver we've ever had that has handed out his own Safeway business cards to parents and staff!

Thanks for being with us for 19 years Glen!

-Safeway Hudson

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