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Hudson - MEET YOUR DRIVER - Larry 'The Fid' Fidler

Updated: 2 days ago

Meet your next driver, 'The Fid!' He has been with us for 3 years, drives route #244 and has definitely made his presence known since being with us.

He stays connected to the area as he has been a realtor for 30 years, and says,"Not only do I drop kids off at home, but I can tell them how much their house is worth" (he loves to crack jokes whenever possible). He lives in the area and his hobbies include hunting, fishing, hockey and real estate.

Larry is very passionate about his work with Safeway stating,"Much like the postal service, neither rain nor shine will hold me up."

His advice to students is to stay seated, don't jump around, keep your hands to yourself.

We are very lucky to have 'The Fids' infectious personality and quick wit in our office.

Thank you for being apart of Safeway, Larry!

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